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Life Fitness equipment is as good as it gets, overkill for most residential purposes but excellent products. Although their processes are new concerning online sales, they're doing it better than most other ultra high end (above $2999) manufacturers. Quite frankly, due to distribution agreements most of the ultra high end industry doesn't and won't sell online. Life Fitness has done what they've needed to do in order to sell online and we applaud them. Life Fitness is a very established company and has operated flawlessly for decades in a very traditional manner. Build equipment, sell equipment through dealers at wholesale and let the dealers mark it up, sell it and service it from there. To start selling directly to the consumer they are changing quite dramatically and doing it well.

No one can say anything negative about the beautifully engineered equipment Life Fitness produces. The only bit of guidance we can give is that because of high price and over engineering in many cases their products aren't for everyone. But for any buyer not on a budget or those needing ultra high performance, there simply isn't a better manufacturer than Life Fitness. To get the most out of a Life Fitness product, we recommend their middle to high end offerings rather than their basic lower entry models. Their engineering really shows with technology and benefits at $2999 and higher.

The buying and shipping process isn't as polished as Soles but it's serviceable and not a negative experience in the least. Their warranties and service are superior as you'd expect but it comes at a cost.
*For specific recommendations within the Life Fitness line for your type of usage we suggest contacting the experts at Life Fitness directly.